Dismal Sciences, Decadent Arts, Irreverant Letters. With Serifs.

I'm a software developer and longtime enthusiast for games of all sorts. I develop games and tools for games that are made as free as possible with CC0 and the Unlicense

The Basics


What should I make for dinner?

Game Stuff

DMTools Library Project

Zocchi-complete Dice Roller

0e Die Roller and Random Table Results

Random US Census Personal Names (with Confluxer)

Random Terra Borea Names (with Confluxer)

After Sundown 2nd Edition

A Game of Pulp Horrors and Modern Monsters

2e Source (markdown) Preview

If you'd like to support my efforts you can...

The Heavy Metal Apocalypse

A Post-Apocalyptic Role Playing Game of Heavy Metal Inspired Action

Player's Rules

The Roadies' Cookbook

The Rockers' Tab Book

The Roadcrew

Ref Tools

Spotify Playlist

Sample/Pregen Characters

Mudder the Occult Recker

The Rev (Roadie)

Baskwash the Bassist (Rocker)

The Purgatory Campaign

Social Contract

Player's Map